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Hazem Samih Mohamed, Ph.D.
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Hazem Samih Mohamed, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof.

College of Transportation and Civil Engineering

Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University (FAFU)

Fuzhou, Fujian, China.


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E-mails :;

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Hazem (0000-0003-2675-927X)   (

Hazem   Samih Mohamed | Publons

Hazem Samih   Mohamed | LinkedIn

?Mohamed,   Hazem Samih - ?Google Scholar


To secure a promising position that offers a challenge and an excellent opportunity for growth, where I can apply my talents in teaching and conducting scientific research effectively and benefit the organization I work for as much as I benefit from it.

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  Hazem Samih Mohamed                            



aoa体育ap:Academic Work Experiences▼

Dec. 2022      Present





Fujian Agricultural and Forestry   University, Fuzhou, China. (Current Position)

College of Transportation   and Civil Engineering.

Assoc. Prof. / Master’s Tutor /Researcher



Nov. 2017      Nov. 2022




Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China.

School of Civil Engineering and Geomatics.

Assoc. Prof. / Master’s Tutor /Researcher



Sep 2017      October   2017




Egyptian Chinese University, Cairo, Egypt.

Department of Construction and Building   Engineering


aoa体育ap:Scientific Degrees ▼

Sep 2013      June 2017




Huazhong   University of Science and Technology (HUST), China.

School of   Civil Engineering & Mechanics

Ph.D. degree in Structural Engineering. 



Sep 2011      June 2013



Degree  :

Huazhong   University of Science and Technology (HUST), China.

School of   Civil Engineering & Mechanics.

Master’s   degree in Structural Engineering.



Sep 2004      June 2009





Benha University, Egypt.

Faculty of Engineering (Shoubra).

Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering.

VeryGood with Honor Degree.

aoa体育ap:Research Interest

aoa体育ap:Steel structures; Offshore Structure; Tubular joints; Fatigue analysis of steel structural; Finite element analysis; Fractural mechanics; CFRP strengthened systems; Fatigue assessment; Pre-stressed steel structures; Corrosion of steel; Neural network and machine learning in structural engineering; and High strength steel.

aoa体育ap:Teaching   ▼

?  Principle   Design of Steel Structures. (Undergraduate course)

?  Engineering Structure Design I (Steel). (Undergraduate course)

?  Advanced Concrete Technology (Graduate course)

?  Principles and Methods of Advanced Structural Testing

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Number of enrolled Students (Master’s   Candidates)




aoa体育ap:Visiting Research Scholar





Egyptian Chinese University, Egypt.

Construction and building engineering   department.

Visiting Research Scholar   (July 15th, 2018        August 25th, 2018).

Participated in the summer program for engineering   students at the Egyptian Chinese university along with several workshops and   training programs in several construction sites in Egypt.

aoa体育ap:Research Projects

Scientific Innovation Group for Youths of Bridge Safety Evaluation of SWPU (2018CXTD07)



v8th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and   Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2022), 12-14 Aug., 2022, Guangzhou, China.


vInternational Conference on   Green Building, Civil Engineering and Smart City (GBCESC), 24-27 July,   2022, Guilin,   China.


vThe 4th International   Conference on Civil Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2022), 24-26   June, 2022, Xining,   China.


vInternational Conference on   Structural Engineering and Industrial Technology (SEIT 2021), 24-26   Dec., 2021, Suzhou,   China.


vThe 7th International Conference   on Architecture, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2021), 20-22   Aug., 2021, Hangzhou,   China.


vThe 2nd International Conference   on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection and Civil Engineering (ESEPCE2021), 18-20 Jun., 2021, Xining, China.


vThe 5th International   Conference on Advances in Materials, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering (ICAMMCE2020), 20-22 Mar., 2020, Suzhou, China.




Served   as a peer reviewer at several high reputation scientific journals such as Thin-Walled   Structure (SCI), Steel and Composite Structures: An   International Journal(SCI), Engineering Failure Analysis (SCI),   Case Studies in Construction Materials (SCI), Ships and   Offshore Structures (SCI) and KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering   (SCI).

aoa体育ap:Field Work Experiences


SAMA Jeddah for Building & Construction, Saudi   Arabia.

(Dec 2010       Sep   2011).


Structural Engineer.




Allied Engineers for Design & Engineering Consultancy, Egypt.

(July 2009      Dec 2010). 

Job:      `

Structural Engineer.

aoa体育ap:Professional Memberships▼


vMember of “Egyptian Engineering Syndicate”.


Arabic (Mother's tongue), English (Excellent), and Chinese (Good).

aoa体育ap:Computer & Software Skills▼



Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, SAP2000, ETABS, SAFE,   ANSYS, ABAQUS, FORTRAN, and MATLAB.




I - Books Editor:

[1]       H.S. Mohamed, & J. Hou (Eds.), Civil Engineering and Urban Research, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Civil Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2022), Xining, China, 24–26 June 2022 (1st ed.). CRC Press (2023).

[2]       H.S. Mohamed, & J. Hou (Eds.), Civil Engineering and Urban Research, Volume 2: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Civil Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2022), Xining, China, 24–26 June 2022 (1st ed.). CRC Press(2023).

[3]       M.A. Ismail, & H.S. Mohamed, (Eds.). Frontiers in Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2022), Guangzhou, China, 12–14 August 2022 (1st ed.). CRC Press (2023).

[4]       M.A. Ismail, & H.S. Mohamed, (Eds.). Frontiers in Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Volume 2: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2022), Guangzhou, China, 12–14 August 2022 (1st ed.). CRC Press (2023).


II - SCI Journal Papers

[5]     A.M. Elsawah, G.K. Vishwakarma, H.S. Mohamed, and K.T. Fang, An Adjusted Gray Map Technique for Constructing Large Four-Level Uniform Designs. Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 36(1) (2023) 433-456.

[6]     H.S. Mohamed*, A.M. Elsawah, Y.B. Shao, C.S. Wu, M. Bakri, Analysis on the Shear Failure of HSS S690-CWGs via Mathematical Modelling, Engineering Faliure Analysis, 143 (2023), 106881.

[7]     H.S. Mohamed*, X.S. Yang, Y.B. Shao, M.A. Shaheen, M.F. Suleiman, L. Zhang , A. Hossian, Stress concentration factors (SCF) of CFRP-Reinforced T/Y-joints via ZPSS Approach, Ocean Engineering, 261 (2022), 112092.

[8]     H.S. Mohamed*, L. Zhang , Y.B. Shao, X.S. Yang, M.A. Shaheen, M.F. Suleiman. Stress concentration factors of CFRP-reinforced tubular K-joints via zero-point structural stress approach, Marine Structures, 84 (2022), 103239.

[9]     C.Wei,Y.B. Shao*, CChen, H.S. Mohamed. Axial compressive strength of preloaded CHS stubs strengthened by CFRP, Marine Structures, 84, (2022), 103242. (SCI)

[10]   H.S. Mohamed*, B.Wu, Y.B. Shao, X.C. Du,Design shear strength of CWGs with web-circular opening made of HSB800-high strength steel,Thin-Walled Structures,  170  (2022),108559.

[11]   X.D. Xu,Y.B. Shao*, X.D.Gao, H.S. Mohamed,Stress concentration factor (SCF) of CHS gap TT-joints reinforced with CFRP,Ocean Engineering,  247  (2022),110722.

[12]     H.S. Mohamed*, Y.B. Shao*, C. Chen, M. Shi, Static strength of CFRP-strengthened tubular TT-joints containing initial local corrosion defect, Ocean Engineering. 236 (2021) 109484.

[13]     J. Xu*, J. Wang, H.S. Mohamed, J. Han, Z. Han, J. Tu, Z. Li, Post-earthquake fire resistance of bolted end-plate connection joint with end-plate and web stiffeners, Journal of Constructional Steel Research. 185 (2021) 106835.

[14]     J. Xu*, S.L. Wang, H.S. Mohamed, J. Han,Z. Han, J. Tu, Z. Li, Seismic performance of shear energy dissipation beams in D-shaped eccentrically braced steel frames, Journal of Constructional Steel Research. 180 (2021) 106584.

[15]     X. Wan*, C. Zhong, H.S. Mohamed, E. Qiu, M. Qu, F.J. Nkiegaing, Study on the thermal conductivity model of sodium sulfate soils, Experimental Heat Transfer. 34 (3) (2021) 217-239.

[16]     N. Pirhadi, X. Tang, Q. Yang, A. Asadi, H.S. Mohamed, Predicting lateral displacement caused by seismic liquefaction and performing parametric sensitivity analysis: Considering cumulative absolute velocity and fine content. Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering.15 (2), (2021)506–519. (SCI)

[17]     H.S. Mohamed, X. Li, S.E. Dong*, M.F. Hassanein, Parametric equation to predict the SIF of cracked tubular T/Y-joints, Journal of Constructional Steel Research. 164 (2020) 105773.

[18]     P. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. Wu, H.S. Mohamed*, Investigations on the re-rounding performance of dented-pipelines at the service and shutdown stages, Engineering Failure Analysis. 116 (2020) 104746.

[19]     A. Singh*, H.S. Mohamed*, S. Singh, H. Yu, Y. Lin, Corrosion inhibition using guar gum grafted 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid (GG-AMPS) in tubular steel joints, Construction and Building Materials. 258 (2020) 119728.

[20]     X. Li, S.E. Dong, H.S. Mohamed*, G. Al Aqel, N. Pirhadi, Prediction of tubular T/Y-Joint SIF by GA-BP neural network, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. 24 (9) (2020) 2706-2715.

[21]      Y.B. Shao, H.S. Mohamed*, M.F. Hassanein, W.J. Wang, L. Xiao, Static strength of square t-joints reinforced with collar-plates under axial compression or in-plane bending, International Journal of Civil Engineering. 18 (9A) (2020) 1009-1023.

[22]     Y.B. Shao, H.S. Mohamed*, L. Wang, C.S. Wu, Experimental and numerical investigation on stiffened rectangular hollow flange beam, International Journal of Steel Structures.  (2020).

[23]     S.E. Dong, A.J. Xian*, H.S. Mohamed, Y. Chen, J.H. Yao, A simplified analytical solution for the necking semi-empirical stresses based on aramis system, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. 23 (1) (2019) 268-279.

[24]     S.E. Dong, A.J. Xian*, Z.H. Lian, H.S. Mohamed, H.Y. Ren, Necking phenomenon based on the Aramis system, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C-Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science. 233 (11) (2019) 3904-3916.

[25]     H.S. Mohamed*, F. Gao, H.P. Zhu, The influence of crack propagation angle on the stress intensity factors (SIFs) of cracked tubular T-joints, International Journal of Steel Structures. 18 (2) (2018) 391-401.

[26]     H.S. Mohamed*, F. Gao, X.Q. Guan, H.P. Zhu, Experimental investigation on the fatigue behaviour of heat-treated tubular T-joints, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. 22 (7) (2018) 2451-2463.


III- Conference Papers

[27]     H.S. Mohamed* and F. Gao, Non-linear finite-element analysis on flexural behavior of pre-stressed steel I-beam with external tendons, Proceeding of the 13th international symposium on structural engineering, China, 2014, 2,581-592.

[28]     H.S. Mohamed* and Y.M. Wang. Modelling of inclined semi-elliptical fatigue cracks along the weld toe of tubular t-joints, Proceeding of the 15th international symposium on structural engineering, China, 2018.

[29]     H.S. Mohamed*, 邵永波. 热处理后T型管状节点的疲劳性能研究. 2019损伤与断裂力学及其工程应用研讨会, 成都,中国2019.

[30]     董事尔;李潇*; H.S. Mohamed ;孙傲雪;鲜岸江. 圆管状钢结构节点的应力集中因子研究现状.四川省机械工程学会第三届学术年会论文集 2018, 中国2018.